Grass Help in Nashville TN

Dale Bloom
13 days ago

Hi all,

First post here and I'm really hoping to get some advice on my lawn. We moved into our house about 18 months ago and the lawn was pretty neglected. In the picture below, tall fescue is the order in the blue area. The back yard is in pretty decent shape, but the front is terrible. The grass is patchy and speedwell has taken over large portions. I treated the front many times last season, but with the lack of grass it didn't work very well.

The red portion is Zoysia. I'm not sure where it came from because, as you can see, the whole section is kind of an island. This area was a lot smaller when we moved in, but the Zoysia has spread pretty quickly.

Here's my question: Do I embrace the Zoysia and plug the rest of the front or do I kill all the Zoysia and attempt to revive the tall fescue in the front? I do worry about eventually forcing my neighbors to have Zoysia if that's what I decide.

Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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