What are your quarantine goals?

8 days ago
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Come on team, what are we doing? Any quarantine goals?

AKs post got me thinking.

Zalco/bring back Sophie! gave us a great start with the free Yale course The Science of Well-Being.

My DDs got me hooked on Peloton's free 90 day app. Meditation. Yoga. Stretching. Outside walking is my new fave. Yesterday at sunset I was marching around out to Drake out there. Today I'll do the Country Fun Walk. Remember that old comedy Ruthless People? Bette Midler gets kidnapped and her husband Danny DeVito won't pay the ransom. She loses weight while in captivity and emerges gorgeous. Now THERE's a goal.

Kitchenwitch taught herself how to play the ukulele.

I'm working on some wordpress glitches for a website that helps people who have prosthetics. Hopefully I can find an online course or someone to help with that, and welcome your suggestions.

As mtn said, it's not the apocalypse. So come on, from cleaning the closet, to teaching the kids a card game, to a new start up, to a new decorating project...what do we want to have accomplished when we emerge from this?

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  • aktillery9

    I am plannning on bettering myself. That includes some deep thinking and reading.

    I am walking and taking on some heavy tasks of cleaning.

    I am also catching up on some movies and shows.

    Playing online games is fun.

    Sometimes I get interested in a historical topic which will take me down the rabbit hole online and I will learn more than I ever thought I could about a former president or time period. I really enjoy that.

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  • Feathers11

    Teach my kids more about cooking. The other day, one made himself a wrap full of vegetables and hummus and quinoa... but didn't cook the quinoa. He just poured it from the bag.

    Amp up my yoga and meditation.

    I have an art side hustle, and I want to prepare new pieces to show the stores that carry them.

    I have several cuttings from my houseplants that need planting in pots. I'd normally do that around May/June but may move it up.

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  • Tina Marie

    I have much to keep me busy here at home LOL. I've been organizing closets (did the Christmas and other decor storage closet) and starting outside projects. We are emptying my parents house and my mom had so many beautiful antiques. Sadly, I don't really need or have a place for the furniture (other than a beautiful wood stool I snatched up!), but I brought home some glassware and a gorgeous brass floor lamp, along with one of those old wood bathroom wall cabinets. HOWEVER, my dear hubby has put much of the stuff I've brought home into the guest bedroom, where I had cleaned the closet. I already had a bunch of pillows stacked up in there and some other items to be donated, so that room is now a mess. I'll keep working on that, plus we received (delivered - ordered weeks ago) two new chairs for the sunroom which is leading to the need for a new rug (which I can look for online) and maybe new shades in that room. So I can get good ideas on line, maybe order some samples, etc. I have pillows to make for our outdoor pergola area and we are hoping to wash all that furniture this weekend and get it ready as our temps have warming up again this week. I also want to clean out my kitchen cabinets.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked Tina Marie
  • Marlene Two007

    After watching Cleaning Toilets for Dummies, I got inspired and went onto Floor Cleaning for Dummies. I must say my toilets have never sparkled the way they do now. :-). One toilet a day and then I can start the rotation over again.

    I also clipped 9 claws of my Devon Rex, Dorothy. And I did it without one injury to myself. This may not sound like a big deal but I did it over an 8 day period because Dorothy wiggle waggles and slips right out of my arms. I still have one claw to go and then I can start all over again.

    I am exercising 60 to 90 minutes a day which is my regular routine. The different thing I am doing now is running to Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly songs with an occasional Neil Diamond thrown in. I might even add a Dion song. Oh! And the Kingston Trio! Have you ever run to the soundtrack of Phantom of The Opera. So many options...too little time,)

    My eating has never been healthier. (Insert Pinocchio emoticon here.)

    I can now recite the lines from every Columbo episode.

    So all in all quarantine isn't so bad. We are on Day 4,219, right?

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  • DLM2000-GW

    Marlene Two I think you added a day - it's only 4218 ;-)

    My house is CLEAN! I've done some yard work, weeding and such. Would love to get my planters started but that requires shopping for plants. I don't have extra pots or potting soil so can't do anything to split house plants. Lots of projects that are on my list require some materials that I don't have. When I make my next grocery trip I will see if I can pick up some of those materials at the grocery store. Just not interested in going to Target or other places that might remain open. Seriously trying to limit my exposure risk.

    Oh, and I'm exercising. I have a very nice space with great equipment but nothing cardio so I'm relying on Amazon and youtube videos. Walking outside and not being near anyone is easy on the days the weather cooperates.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked DLM2000-GW
  • Yayagal

    Marlene, you are hysterical. I can just picture the Pinocchio. You made me laugh.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked Yayagal
  • IdaClaire

    I'm working from home so will continue to endeavor not to scream and throw things. You don't realize how much you depend on your highly efficient workplace until you have to recreate it as best you can while propped up in your bed. Sucks!

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  • Marlene Two007

    "Marlene Two I think you added a day - it's only 4218 ;-)"

    Sorry. I must have counted my thumb twice.

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  • Feathers11

    Good news--I've finally cleared off the dining room table of a pre-pandemic project that's been put on hold for now. The table itself needs to be available for work/study use. There are too many people around here in the prostrate position. We need to sit upright.

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  • mama goose_gw zn6OH

    To eat only two sections per day of the Symphony chocolate bars (that's not two sections from each bar) I bought to make isolation easier. Every small step counts. ;)

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  • gail618

    This isn't a goal but I had to share it. If you follow ryan.heffington on Instagram, he gives a "dance party" every few days and OMG it is so fun and made me feel soooo much better yesterday. I live alone in a small apartment in NYC so have really been isolated. This little dance session worked wonders for me. Normally, it would be very rude for me to attend a dance party in my apartment =) as my super and his family live in the apartment under mine but, desperate times.... I don't know how to watch an instagram live video on my laptop, not sure if you can? So I propped up my phone. The first few minutes are warming up, stretch and yoga but then the dance party begins. You can watch some of the people doing it on his IG story.

    Last night I started a jigsaw puzzle, will finish it today. I'm awaiting a delivery from Amazon of canvases and oil paint. I have no idea how to paint with oil!

    I'm also awaiting news from my job which has announced it will be having layoffs, so it's hard not to get stressed. Just trying to keep busy. Reading a book of short stories now and have many unread books so I'm all set. I tend to buy too many books, and am glad for that. Watching movies. I have the Criterion Channel so I'll be watching a lot of old movies.

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  • blfenton

    Well, my DH and I are still speaking, and we're still doing so in a pleasant manner, and it's not even a sarcastic pleasant manner. We're still eating at the same table as well.

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  • jojoco

    I'm working on the dollhouse rehab. So far the porch is off and all the wallpaper has been removed on the lower levels. I've sanded it a bit and forgot to wear a mask. I was coughing last night and scared myself silly that I had CV. But then I drank water and the cough hasn't returned. Lesson learned. I also cleaned out the pantry in the kitchen. Yay me.

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  • terezosa / terriks

    My quarantine goal? Don't get sick, don't make others sick.

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  • Sueb20

    I’m keeping it simple with 3 daily goals: exercise, do something creative, and read. Every day. (Also: Don’t kill DH or DD.) I also watch at least one episode of the British baking show or Amazing Race (we have started with Season One) with DD each day. She starts online classes next week so she may not have as much time once that starts.

    Yesterday and today, I decorated a little kitchen stool with paint and wallpaper, something I’d been intending to do for at least 6 months but never got around to it.

    I‘m trying to go through the house room by room, doing things I‘ve been meaning to do like cleaning closets or upgrading bedding, but with no sense of urgency. Today I ordered new pillows and shams for the guest room.

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  • suero

    Going through stacks and stacks of 3 1/2" diskettes to see what is worth saving and what can be disposed of. Every time I think I've found them all, another pile pops up. I'm still looking for a bootable Windows NT disk, with no success.

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  • Bunny

    Don't get sick.
    Don't die.

    The rest is gravy.

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  • My3dogs ME zone 5A

    My live-in daylight basement dwelling with his own bathroom carpenter (sort of adopted 'son' who calls me 'Mum') got a text from a good friend this AM who packed up a few things, left his overbearing wife and asked if he could crash here. We've known that a split was coming, so I'm on a cleaning frenzy to get a spot ready for him.

    Luckily I made a quick dash to the grocery store early this AM, before we got the news, and have enough food for several meals, then we'll hit the chest freezer. And, my 'son' came home from remodeling an entire house this AM, and said he's going to stay home for a few weeks, and that he's doing it to protect ME from getting sick, since he's exposed to people there. The dogs are excited to have more attention!

    My every 2 weeks house cleaner has said that she probably won't come, but IS looking for yard work outside; and my monthly hairdresser is cancelling her appts. for the next several weeks at a minimum.

    I'm printing up a sign for the entry porch door that says, 'Gail's Home for Handsome men between the ages of 30 - 40'.

    Oh, I'm in southern Maine, and they predict 3 - 6" of snow tonight.

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  • ladypat1

    Goals are to finish stripping mom's wallpaper, and paint. want to get back to my 40 min of fast walking a day. ( waiting on weather), going to go back to Ancestry and get a one month subscription. It is such a time suck this is a good time to do some digging again. 8 bags of basement stuff to the curb tomorrow as I work on basement.

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  • daisychain01

    Right now, it seems like my goal is to break everything in the house. On Saturday, I broke a $120 part on the vacuum trying to dislodge a blockage. Today, I was washing our double hung windows and broke part of the mechanism on one of them. Now it won't close which is bad because it is still really cold here. Is it a higher power telling me I don't need to clean?

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  • roarah

    My only goal is to try and not kill my spouse. I am better at staying home than he.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked roarah
  • Feathers11

    Yes, Daisychain. Yes, it is.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked Feathers11
  • maddielee

    My main goal is to stay healthy and keep my family healthy. Little goals are to clean closets, and drawers. We are on over a week of self isolation have not started anything yet.

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  • Lukki Irish

    Goals...hmmmm, I have lots of things I want to do, but I’m still working full time from home and in the field. Plus my DH is at the point that he can’t help nearly as much as he used to, so I’ll be glad if I can keep up with all the cleaning, bills, dr appts and so on. I guess that’s my goal, to just keep up.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked Lukki Irish
  • Tina Marie

    Mythreedogs you crack me up! I know your dweller must love you! Do you feed him and now the new guy?

    Lukki, thinking of you and your DH.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked Tina Marie
  • My3dogs ME zone 5A

    Tina Marie, Yep - the men just ate, and the new guy (longtime friend of my 'cellar dweller') is a fussy eater, so he didn't eat the homemade Chicken-Corn Chowder - fast and yummy, recipe - HERE. He made himself a ham and cheese sandwich. I had to give him a toothbrush and of course the WiFi info so he can communicate with the outside world. The new guest is the only one who's still going to work!

    The weather folks just upped our predicted snowfall to 6 - 10".....

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked My3dogs ME zone 5A
  • Marlene Two007

    My3dogs, with your stash of Lindt truffles, I may be knocking on your door!

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked Marlene Two007
  • robo (z6a)

    Survive and maybe clean out a closet or two.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked robo (z6a)
  • My3dogs ME zone 5A

    Marlene, I just got a big order last week, after they had a nice sale - 3 new flavors, plus restocking the old favorites!

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  • Tina Marie

    Mythreedogs!!! Chicken corn chowder is one of our favorite soups! With grated cheddar on top. I made it last week.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked Tina Marie
  • Marlene Two007

    OMG M3dogs! Lindt truffes AND chicken corn chowder! I am so there! If only I lived in Portland, ME and not Portland, OR :-).

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  • 3katz4me

    Nothing in particular other than food, exercise and not have DH or I get sick or die.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked 3katz4me
  • Fun2BHere

    I have goals. Now, if I could just start working on accomplishing them instead of doing fun things like reading books and watching YouTube videos. I did get my taxes finished.

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked Fun2BHere
  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    I will be doing very good to just stay home!

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked Bumblebeez SC Zone 7
  • LucyStar1

    I've been watching Flylady and she says to declutter. So I started on an upstairs closet. I'm half-way through it, and so far I've gotten rid of 13 pairs of pants. Also, this week I plan to change my bedroom curtains, pillows and rug for Spring.

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  • Gooster

    I've been starting to think about indoor decor projects, and planning out the work outside that will need to be done. My own version of a local economic stimulus project. I had been dropping weight and down to about my high school size. I don't want to grow it all back during confinement. Doing these video workouts over the weekend, I think I need to find a more sustainable style -- harder than yoga but not quite full blown cross fit. .

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  • bbstx

    I would like to do some baking, but I’ve lost 15 pounds since the first of the year. I do not want to find them again. Perhaps, I should inventory the freezers and the pantry and make meal plans for the food I have on hand.

    I would also like to remove ALL of the clothes from my closet and declutter a la Marie Kondo. I’m trying to figure out where to put everything because it would not be a one day project.

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  • My3dogs ME zone 5A

    Would you like to live in ME right now, with 6" of fresh snow on the picnic table? :-)

    My new house guest left from the back door of the garage for some reason when he went to work; those are his foot prints. That's my garden shed in the distance.

    A bit of the front yard below, with the bird bath base, and the taller thing is a trellis for clematis.

    The front area in better times -

    My Japanese Maple garden in the Spring last year. Wait! It's Spring NOW! Wahhhhh.....

    gardener123wewantsophie thanked My3dogs ME zone 5A
  • Tina Marie

    No, I would not like to be dealing with snow right now! Says this southerner who does not care for cold and snow. We are having a few rainy/cool/foggy days but warmer/sunny days ahead! Near 80 end of week. We have a few new things to plant in the yard, so hoping to do that soon. Mowing started in our area a couple of weeks ago. I have been watching my japanese maples closely. We have one in the back that is leafing out much faster than the one in the front, but soon they will be all leafed out. Your JM garden is beautiful; I don't have any of the green varieties.

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  • Sueb20

    I tweaked my daily-walk goal and now I’m making myself walk a different route each day. Walking through areas you usually drive by gives such a different perspective. And it’s nice to see the sun after yesterday’s snow, which was washed away with lots of rain last night. I was especially interested in reflections in puddles so I started taking pics with my phone. Here are a few.

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  • Sara

    We did a major remodel and addition over the last year and a half and had two rooms we hadn’t touched cause we just couldn’t move everything around at the same time. We are finishing them up right now and it’s so nice to not have a part of the house that makes me depressed to see. One room used to be my daughter’s-it will now be TV/guest room as we turned old TV room into kitchen. The other is my son’s bedroom-he had awful carpet in it that the cats had peed on and he never spent time there-wants to theme it to Ravenclaw, and picked the paint colors himself (blue ceiling). I hope we have these pretty dialed in when it’s all over, and finish painting all the doors and trim throughout the house-last fiddly bits from remodel.

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  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    I am trying to finish a crocheted baby blanket for my new grandson whose due date is Easter. My DIL told me yesterday that we will NOT be allowed to visit the hospital when he comes - not unexpected news, but still - and he probably will be here earlier, maybe next week. So I better get that blankie done ASAP because . . .

    My OTHER DIL is expecting a baby boy too, due in mid-May. I haven’t started his blankie yet!

    These are happy additions to our family, but I can’t help but wish they had both come a year ago rather than now.

  • DLM2000-GW

    Oh littlebug such a bittersweet time you have approaching! Focus on healthy, bouncing baby boys and you will hold them when we come out the other side of this.

  • bbstx

    @littlebug zone 5 Missouri, FaceTime! I FaceTime with my grands all the time, even when they were newborns. I wanted to read them a story tonight but I forgot to mention it to DD earlier in the day. But I’m having breakfast with them in the morning. All by FaceTime because DH and I are self-isolating.

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