Groundcover for shaded, near-vertical slope?

9 months ago

Hello, first post in ages, but coronavirus has given me so much free time that I'm circling back to all the things I never did with my property.

We live in NE Pennsylvania, where rocky soil, deer and bears are the main pests.

First on my list is this slope. Nothing grows in the area except rocks -- it's so shady and so steep.

We do suffer with Japanese stiltgrass if there's even a smidgen of sunlight.

I need a groundcover!

We have some vinca at the very top, but it has not filled out very much from the initial planting, and so I think something more aggressive is in order.

Suggestions? There's only dappled shade at best, and I would prefer to only rappel up and down this cliff once -- not go back to minister to whatever we plant.

Thanks for any guidance y'all can provide.

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