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Grouping Palm Trees?

4 years ago

Hey all,

i’m looking to group together some king palms. I love how grouped palms arch so I figured I’d give it a try. My question is, how close together should the palm trees be? I have young king palms, barely 8 inches tall. I know it’ll take a while. I’m just not sure how close to plant them together. I know eventually they will likely become very tight together, and their trunks pretty much up against each other towards the bottom before they start to arch out. I’ve seen people sell grouped palm seedlings next to each together with no space and it just seems hard to believe they should be so close so soon. I’d think they’d need some space apart, idk few inches? Anyway, since mine will be clumped, how close should the seedlings be? Right up next to each other off the bat, or several inches apart?

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