Kitchen Cabinets Don’t Reach Ceiling! :(

Michelle NJ
2 months ago

Hi Houzzers!
Please help. (Post pics to clarify if you can too). My beautiful, high gloss modern kitchen cabinets do not reach the ceiling and we have crazy dust allergies. Contractor said he can build pine soffits above each but needs to use the trim at ceiling to hide imperfections. I want this to be flush so it keeps modern aesthetic but they want to do simplest thing and just toss it on front so it will jut out in front. Does it take away from the sleekness I’m going for? Even though we paid a bunch for the exactly matched trim from the cabinet people, I cannot see how we can use it: I think I’d prefer pine boxes painted flat white so doesn’t compete with shiny cabinet as we’ll never get exact match. And if we did use trim, does it go on cabinet or at ceiling? Overall, What’s easiest way to solve this problem? Please see pics below. (Note that in one pic, we used a melamine piece only to use as space-filler for photo only—melamine was way too shiny). Must decide ASAP as contractor completing kitchen tomorrow. Thx so much!!

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