Patio, Deck, or something else?

Caitlin Kleiboer
last month
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We have this spot that's been a sore since we bought the house -- the previous owners threw some big, sharp, uncomfortable marble chips (I think) on it and we've never found a good use for it. We want this to be a nice seating area but I'm not sure what to do.

- Put in a floating deck? We'd have to keep it 12 inches or lower, and I don't know how to level out some areas. There is a concrete slab at the house that uneven and angled away from the house. I'd want to use deck blocks but how would you level them if you can't level the ground?

- Put in a pea gravel patio? Would I have to dig out the crappy marble chips and get right to the ground and start over? Is there a world in which I could lay landscape fabric right over the marble chips and pea gravel over that?

(disregard the mulch pile, we're moving that ...

- The rest of our yard is fake turf, do we just go with more of that? again, do we have to get up all the rock? :(

- Something else?? Help!!

- Also what is that drain and whatever is sticking up next to it? Do I need to keep those uncovered?

A few other notes that might be helpful -

- Cost is somewhat of a factor, mostly in that we'd want to be able to do the work ourselves. I priced out materials for a floating deck and with composite boards, it came to about 1500. Pea gravel would obviously be way less. If there is a necessary solution that's way more we'll consider it but don't want to spend many thousands.

- We don't have kids or dogs, and it's not a pathway to anything else, it's a nook, so I'm not worried about some of the issues of pea gravel like pets kicking it up or it being hard to haul things over.

- We're in Colorado so we do get some rain and snow, but no trees on that side of the house/yard so not a lot of leaves to deal with in the fall.

This was my general deck plan, with the blocks being deck blocks, 2x6 joists 16" oc and trex composite boards and one step up from some pavers at the edge of existing yard. Is this remotely feasible?

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