bluestar disappointment

chris doe
10 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

Hello all,

I am going to need some help to polish my new 10,000$ turd. Reached out to the distributor and BS last week and still no response from BS.

Just installed the 48inch range 8 burner. Here are a few of my issues;

Convection fan sounds like the blade is hitting something.

Connection does not run when the oven calling for flame.

The light on fan switch does not illuminate like the little blue light on the light switch.

The drip pan draw is so tight it takes two hands and a solid pull to open.

The drip pans in the draw are crazy tight. there is zero clearance. The mandrel end of the rivet, hold the drawer to the slide protrudes into the space for the trays. I actually have to press them down into the space. there is no way to wrap one with foil.

one of the burners is tilted ~3/8 inch and i see no way to adjust it.

In my market there was only one vendor that had a 36 on display but not operational. The pans and drawer on that model were easy to open and remove.

Sorry the videos are not great, Had to compress them to upload.

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