My Kenmore washer won't drain, but the filter is empty

A few months ago, we started having frequent occurrences of our washer giving us the "nd" error message. This happened just before quarantine started, and we didn't want to try to get someone to come fix it. For the first time since we bought it (maybe 8 years ago), I checked the filter. It was clean except for a few dog hairs. We have a dog and two kids- it seems impossible that there wouldn't be a ton of gunk in the filter.

I opened up the back, checked all the hoses, but stopped short of taking apart what I assume was the pump that feeds into the filter (it was a black box that a hose fed into or out of or both- it was a few months ago). I didn't feel like I would be able to successfully put that back together. It was ok for a couple months, then it started giving us the "nd" message today.

Is there anything I can do myself? I got online to find repair and the first appointment was in August.

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