2 Twin beds on wall with one window

9 months ago
last modified: 9 months ago

Hi, we have an 11x11 room and need to put 2 twin beds on wall with a window. I have two beds in mind. If I go with the one I prefer, it has a higher headboard and will cover the edge of the window. What sort of window treatment can I use to help with this? Ceiling is 8 feet.

The other bed option would fall below the window frame, but I’m afraid it may look to kiddish for junior high child and may look too squatty in the room overall, but would be easier for window dilemma.

I‘d love your thoughts on the window treatments for the higher bed. Or your thoughts on both options. Thank you!

This is an old photo of the room From previous owner. Fan is gone, hardwoods going in and wall is painted white. We won’t have any other furniture in the room.

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