Storing pre-soaked bean seeds? Plus a spacing question.

6 months ago

I've grown pole beans for a lot of years without pre-soaking, but I tried the pre-soaking method for the first time this week. I should have figured out how many I needed to soak, but I didn't. As a result I ended up with quite a few extra pre-soaked bean seeds. They're Kentucky Wonder, Fortex, Blauhilde, and Rattlesnake, if that makes a difference. I put them in the fridge. Any idea how long they'll keep? And is the fridge the best place? I was thinking of giving some away or doing some more planting. Thanks!

Also, I plant my pole beans on an 8' bean arch. Standard advice has always been to thin to 6" apart, but I thought I read somewhere that beans do better if they're farther apart. How far?

Thanks again!

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