Rotate sunburned tree?

Travis in PHX (9b)
last month
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Hi all,
I'm growing some citrus trees (ruby red gf and Meyer lemon) in containers. This is their first summer and we've warmed up faster than usual this year. We've had several straight days close to 110 degrees.
I keep my citrus under my front east-facing front porch, so they get morning sun and are shaded by the porch in the afternoon. Still, I noticed some significant scorching on my leaves that are in direct sun.
I've pulled the trees back father under the porch so they get out of the sun sooner, but I'm wondering if I should also rotate the trees a little to give the scorched leaves a break. My concern in doing this is that I will just spread sunburn to more parts of my trees and end up losing even more leaves. Would it be better to leave the trees oriented as is so the already damaged leaves "take the heat" for the other leaves as long as the trees keep them?

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