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Soil PNW Potting soil

4 years ago

I bought some bagged soil at lowes to start my garden with. The seedling didn’t have much vigor or look very healthy. The underside of the tomato’s all had purple undersides of leaves and yellowing more toward the base, but plants became yellowed throughout eventually. I believe it to be the soil because the symptoms were identacle between plant species. I placed as many Peppers as I could and a tomato into a larger container with a different soil and they slowly greened up over a couple days and now after a couple weeks the plants are looking wonderful and fruiting.

What about this potting mix do you believe is causing plants to display nutrient deficiancy and stunted growth? The soil smelled like uncomposted manure. I know an experienced gardener will know what is wrong with this soil and why it displayed the symptoms it did in all of my garden starts. This has put my garden at a bad start this year, and I’ll never buy soil from them again. I saved the soil and may at some point send it in for analysis. I think the uncomposted manure is stunting the growth and the soil PH being off might be causing the nutrient deficiency or something like that. I haven’t been on the garden forums in a decade so my memory is off.

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