Morning glory and broken trellis

Seb Tran
5 months ago

Our morning glory got so heavy that a part of the trellis it sits on (on top of a block wall) broke and fell on the ground. We do like it as it brings privacy (neighbor behind) while being beautiful to the eyes.

  1. We are thinking of putting the morning glory back up there, either by replacing the trellis or just leave the empty space and run wires between two posts that use to support the broken trellis and train the morning glory to expand there and hopefully fill that empty space relatively quick. But being novice to morning glory, we're not sure which way is the most convenient, time and money wise. What do you think?
  2. Also, our morning glory being quite thick and heavy, our gardener also suggested to trim it much further back (using hedge trimmer) to remove the weight and start fresh. Doing so would reveal even more the roots and the dead flowers all along the wall though, before it blooms again. Not knowing much about morning glory, we would appreciate a second opinion on how to trim our morning glory if anyone has ideas!

Below are a couple of pics to give you a better idea.

a. The broken trellis and the two metal posts to the right where the trellis used to be attached. The block wall is a bit slanted in that corner so I suppose the previous owners just attached the trellis to the posts.

b. Overview of our morning glory along the wall. Our gardener said the roots are on our sides with these 4 "legs".

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