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Hi everyone,

I'm putting together a list of conifers for the reject list. This is a list of conifers tailored for people like me who live in eastern USA.

The following scenario has been repeated countless times. For various reasons a given conifer catches the eye of the buying public. This plant is quickly and easily produced in large quantities and heavily marketed. Often the center of production is on the West Coast. Two or three decades goes by and diseases & insects catch up with the plant. The plant becomes so unsightly it must be removed and replaced.

Here's my list by no means complete. If you live in eastern USA don't buy these plants. Also, which conifer did I leave out?

Austrian Pine

Colorado Blue Spruce

Eastern Hemlock

Giant Sequoia

Italian Stone Pine

Lemon Cypress

Leyland Cypress

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Port Orford Cedar

Rocky Mountain Juniper

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