Seeking some Design Advice for Stair Renovation

7 months ago

Hi Everyone,

We finally decided after owning our home for 5 years that it was time to paint the upstairs trim and the trim going up our staircase white before we replace the carpet upstairs later this year. In addition, we will be painting the walls upstairs and up the staircase a light grey as well to move our 1970s house into the 21st century.

Since it will be a bit complicated to paint the trim white up the stairs (it is a lot easier to temporarily pull up carpet in our hallways upstairs than on the stairs), I decided something needed done with our stairs. Yesterday I checked some various steps and confirmed the hardwood goes all the way up to the top step, but is currently covered with carpet. That immediately made me want to plan to remove the carpet up the steps and utilize the hardwood floors.

Doing so brings up some design issues I am hoping to get some of your feedback on...

1) Since my trim will be white and my walls a light grey, will my currently brownish stained stair treads look a little off color wise next to white and grey?

2) I am a bit hesitant to paint the stair treads, but would certainly be open to painting the risers white, the same color as the trim going up.

3) I also planned to paint the spindles white, but then again that led me to the question of what to do with the handrail going up the steps, as well as the banister. Would doing a slightly darker stain on the banister and handrail (perhaps an almost brown/black gel stain) that is different than the steps look odd? Would doing a semi-gloss black of these items clash too much with the brown steps, white trim and grey walls?

I like to have concrete plans before I do anything, so figured I'd turn to some of you for your thoughts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am honestly open to any suggestions.

Thank you in advance!

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