Can we talk sour dough starter?

17 days ago

Can't say I am an expert by any means.....but I have been maintaining a starter for about 3 1/2 months. Since the stay at home order....and since I am high risk and have quite a few friends who are also high risk who don't go out, and who live alone, I have been baking 5 small loaves and giving them I have a lot of use for the discard. I add about a cup of discard to every 2 pounds of flour....and since I want it done the same day I add some yeast. I keep the starter jar on my counter and feed it about 3 times a day.

I know some who weigh the starter and add a portion of that weight of flour and another portion of water.....but I haven't done that. I just measured 2 T flour to 1 1/2 of water. I did that for a few weeks and now I just toss in some flour and water. No measure....and if I am passing the jar and notice it is sinking I will add some more flour just to feed it's hunger.

I also keep another jar in the refrig.....and rarely feed that one....I let ot go for 3 weeks one time....brought it out and fed it and it bounced right back. Was super active within about 3 feedings.

My conclusion from all this is that a starter is not as demanding as some would have you believe. And my advice is "go for it"...the discard adds an amazing dimension to about anything you make with flour. Sweet rolls muffins pancakes....and my grand daughter made chocolate chip cookies and added some discard to that dough.....and of course bread!

Have you tried it?

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