Pump based Irrigation system issues

I have a basin with a submerged pump with capable of 530 L /hour and I'm currently having issues dispersing the water to all three of my vertical planters.

To give you an example - I have a three-tier outdoor planter


- 1 -


- 2 -


- 3 -


The water basin / pump are level with the lowest level ( 3 ) that I fill manually ( 60 L or so )

I need a system that irrigates all three levels evenly and I will be hooking that up to the arduino system that I am configuring.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? I've tried a one-hose S system , but that did not evenly disperse the water... I've also tried hard-tubing connected with soft tubing on the sides... but that wasn't working very evenly... I am using 1/2 inch clear tubing.

I am new here and any comments are welcomed!


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