Scored some natives today!

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

Good shopping day today - stumbled on these natives:

* Callirhoe involucrate (<--- keeps autocorrecting to wrong spelling): Purple poppy mallow. Never saw it before, but the blooms knocked my eyes out -- will look terrific with deep purples.

* Rudbeckia x nitida "Herbstonne": Looks like this is going to be a stately plant - which is what I wanted. Unfortunately it wasn't blooming so I'm not sure if the yellow is more of a lemon yellow or a richer golden yellow. Regardless, I like the look of the foliage so if color isn't quite what I was looking for I can always find a place to move it.

* Asclepias incarnate (<--- stooopid autocorrect again - BAH!) "Ice Ballet": This white version can be hard to find. IME it's not as robust as "Cinderella" but that might be because I started with starter-size plants last year and they just didn't do well. So thought I'd try again. :0)

Not a native, but thrilled to find:

* Nepeta siberica: A tall catmint!

Any experience you guys have with these would be appreciated --- all but the milkweed are new to me.

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