Any Reason to NOT Use the Strongest Concentration Rooting Powder?

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last month
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Rooting powder comes in different concentrations. Hormex makes a #1, #3, #8, and #16, with #16 being the highest concentration around 1.6%. Some online propagators of hard-to-root plants like Protea say that Hormex #16 is the only concentration that they have seen work. This got me to thinking. Is there ever a reason with any plant to not use the highest concentration hormone you can find? They cost about the same amount, so why not just always use the highest concentration?

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  • Vladimir (Zone 6a Massachusetts)
    last month

    I have read on the Internet that too high a concentration may actually inhibit root formation. I have not had the personal experience to corroborate that.

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  • westes Zone 9a California SF Bay
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    last month

    @vladimir If you run across one of those articles, please link it here. Maybe it is species-specific?

  • Carol love_the_yard (Zone 9A Jacksonville, FL)
    last month

    I've had the same question. Following.