Prickly viney plant

15 days ago

Just want to make sure this is not any of the cucurbits I've planted on this slope before I yank it! Thanks.

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  • carol23_gw
    15 days ago

    Rubus species I believe.

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  • Gred
    13 days ago

    Looks like a wild blackberry bramble or Rubus Fruticosus. However if you had said thorny instead of prickly, I'd have more confidence that its a wild blackberry. Those I've encountered were impossible to handle without thick gloves.

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  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK
    12 days ago
    last modified: 12 days ago

    There is no doubt that it’s a Rubus. Rubus fruticosus covers a multitude of species, microspecies and hybrids. You won’t get a more specific id than that. You can tell it’s not a Cucurbit if you feel the stem. It has the feel of a woody plant rather than an annual. The thorns can be rubbed off whereas Cucurbit stems are more bristly than thorny and the prickles don’t come off when picked at with a finger nail. Plus Rubus leaves are compound, not entire. And Cucurbit foliage smells different if torn or crushed. They’re not fragrant as such but they have a distinctive odour. Brambles have little smell to the human nose.

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  • kitasei2
    Original Author
    12 days ago

    I appreciate the extra information from you floral.