Yaha!!! Geraniums are coming BACK!

I went back and removed the stems where I had deadheaded all the spent geranium blossoms, all the way down to the main stems. I snipped away any dead foliage of the verbenas and bacopa. I then transplanted the whole window box into a 7 gallon fabric grow pot filled with Hoffman container soil and tossed in some Osmo-Cote Plus. I then placed the grow pot on top of a 24" plant stand so it would catch more of the afternoon sun.

Behold! I've been getting new geranium and verbena foliage since I did that and TODAY, I am spotting some new geranium buds. Here is a picture I just took through the window. From this view, you can't see the numerous new geranium leaves, but they are there.

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