Mid-summer blooms in the garden

13 days ago

Enjoying some color mid-summer :) Here's some of what's in my garden. What's blooming in yours?

I planted Morning Glory in the spring and didn't think the seeds made it. Was pleased to see this one taking off and blooming right by my bird feeder trellis, along with Echinacea and volunteer sun flowers (which I believe are courtesy of the birds "planting" the black oil sunflower seed I feed them)

Cheyenne Spirit Cone Flower - really love this! I bought this last year, but the rabbits ate it down. Thrilled it grew back and bloomed so nicely! It's a mix of yellow, gold, and red blooms on the same plant.

This is the "pink" Butterly Weed I started from seeds I got from either tomatoz or popmama last swap. It's interesting - the buds are pink, but the blooms are yellow centers with red/orange outer petals.

This is a daylily I got several swaps ago. I don't remember who brought it. It was very small when I got it, and it hasn't bloomed until this year. Love it!! If anyone recognizes it and knows the name, please let me know.

A couple of other lilies I got from catladysgarden a few years back.

Russian Sage that the bees just love!

My Shasta "hedge"

Tickseed and Red Birds in a Tree

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