Help I need ideas for bedroom flooring!

Alice C
2 days ago
last modified: 2 days ago

I am looking to replace the carpets in the 2 bedrooms of my 1 floor condo. Sadly I don't have the details of the engineered hardwoods that are elsewhere in the suite (so I don't think we can get an exact match), and don't really have the budget to refloor the whole suite. Re-carpeting isn't going to work for us as well.

The two bedrooms are close together - there's one hall in our suite that leads to both of them (see photo).

Super open to any ideas for what might work... Photos show the hall leading to the two bedrooms (with engineered hardwood) and the tile in the ensuite. In the ensuite, the cabinets are a light brown and there's a medium grey granite countertop.

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