How to Remodel Without Mice?!

2 days ago

I know this is a more disgusting question than we normally see here - apologies in advance 😆. I’m getting ready for an 8-10 week kitchen and bath remodel, starting in October. I’ve been reading Houzz articles about how to prepare for this, and was surprised to see comments where people had mice when it was done! Apparently the in and out of the contractors and sometimes doors being open too long created the problem. This could definitely happen to me. My contractors will be staging their work in my garage and driveway, and entering the house from the garage. I live in a very wooded area and have battled with mice in the garage (fortunately never the house) ever since we moved in, so this is a very real concern. Especially at the time of year when they need to find somewhere warm to live. But I’m hesitant to put traps inside the house because of my dog. I have to watch her like a hawk to keep her away from the traps in the garage. I don’t use bait stations bc I’m worried she will find a poisoned mouse and chew on it (she’s charming but will eat anything - the more disgusting the better!).

I will of course discuss keeping doors closed with contractors, but it’s not realistic to think they can keep the door to the house shut all the time. Has anyone dealt with the prevention of mice successfully in a house with pets? And if so how? TIA!!

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