Magnolia shrub infested

WendyB 5A/MA
2 days ago
last modified: 2 days ago

I'm trying to help a neighbor ID this problem. I've read about several potential issues it may be but none are a spot-on match. maybe scale? mealy bugs? something else? There are thick white patches all over the plant branches and is dripping sooty mold on the leaves and the perennials below. None of the white is on the leaves. This is indicative on almost every branch:

Near the base is not as much.

I guess there are two questions... how to treat the branches? how to treat the sooty mold on leaves?

From a distance the overall shrub/tree looks great but not for long I suspect...

Fwiw, I think its M. loebneri. Shrub/small tree.

As we were studying it, we noticed the white stuff was attracting yellow jacket bees.

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