A couple of fig questions

6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

I'm in North Florida, US, Zone 9a. I'm growing a Settler's Fig (from my research, probably Celeste) and Marseilles VS in 10-gallon containers. I have them in the sunniest spot in my courtyard, where they get a good bit of sun. The problem is, they are getting too large now, and it's hard to even get around them in the summer when they're in full leaf. I'm about to redo my entire courtyard, because it's honestly just a mess of plants with no rhyme or reason, so I'm wondering if I can move them to a less sunny spot.

When I lived in SC, I had a huge brown turkey fig growing under large pine trees. It grew and bore like mad (well, mostly because the hens roosted in it and constantly fertilized it). So my question is, since this IS Florida and the sun is much stronger, do they really need to get 5-6 hours of full sun a day? Can I move them to a place that gets more dappled sun, or full morning sun and still have them bear decently? I'm going to be taking out a clump of bananas and a large papaya. That area gets sun all morning up until about 2 p.m. Would that be enough sun for them?

Second question is about the Celeste fig. Does it bear on alternate years, like some figs do? It had a good crop last year, and I thought it would do better this year since I moved it up to a 10-gallon pot, but it only has a few fruits on it this year.

Last question is what is the best fertilizer for container grown figs? I've alternated Miracle Gro bloom fertilizer with All Purpose once a month. This year, I also have Osmocote 14-14-14 timed release in the pots. I did the timed release because we get a lot of rain in the summer, plus with the abysmal heat, I have to water at least every other day, so the liquid fertilizer just gets washed out.

TIA for your help.