Is this late blight?

2 days ago

I live in Zone 5b, Southern New Hampshire. I’m growing Cherokee Purple in an Earthbox that’s

hooked up to an automatic watering system.

I’m hoping it’s just sun scald. It’s been hot here, really hot. For the last 7 days it’s been in the high 80’s to low to mid 90’s and mostly sunny. I noticed leaf roll about a week ago. It hasn’t improved at all. A few days ago I started noticing brown along the tips and edges. Most of the brown edges are on the younger, outer foliage. The older foliage and toward the middle of the plant have not yet been effected by leaf roll or brown edges.

I looked at some photos of late blight and I guess some of the leaves look similar to what late blight might look like. I haven’t heard of late blight around here yet but that doesn’t mean I can rule it out. Some of the leaves are just really brittle and dry. I can crumble them in my hand.

There’s 31 healthy looking tomatoes on the plant. About 20 of them are medium to large and three are starting to ripen.

What do you think? Sun scald because it’s been so hot, late blight or something else entirely?

Thank you so much for any help. It’s my fourth year gardening and growing tomatoes. I’ve dealt with early blight and every pest imaginable but haven’t had an experience with late blight or any other major virus yet.

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