Forearm Lifting Straps for Moving Large Plant Containers or Rocks?

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Forearm lifting straps are a great way for two people to move a heavy object like a large kitchen appliance or furniture. Does anyone make these straps with a cargo net in the middle, to help move a large plant container? These would also work well for moving large rocks in the garden. I would also like the straps to be adjustable in length.

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  • krnuttle

    Try: https://www.zoro.com/zoro-select-forearm-forklift-lifting-straps-pr-32tl81/i/G7611807/

    My wife has had many large plants over the 52 years we have been married. In the last several house she would want some upstairs. When you have a plant that is in a pot that is 20" in diameter with a tree 5' tall you do not pick it up and carry it.

    Many years ago I bought a 2 wheeled truck similar to this


    I added an extension to the lip so that a large pot was completely on the shelf and when you tip the truck back the pot would come back not forward. The extension is in yellow on the attached image.

    I have used this modified truck for many years. I have moved plants, boxes and many things that do not work, or do not work well with a standard hand truck.

    Using the modified truck I can move the largest plants up and down the steps and around the house, porch and yard.

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    @krnuttle For use at home, I have the Rubbermaid dolly. It works great for pots. I need the straps for picking up items at remote locations when I do not have the dolly with me.