Need Landscaping HELP Zone 8a!!


I am stuck on the last piece of landscaping along a retaining wall in our front yard. Please excuse the unpainted portion of the wall - this will be painted before any planting is done. I'll include a picture of the retaining wall and our front yard. The retaining wall is located to the left when looking at our house. It has knockout roses going done the wall and a Mulberry tree at the end. We haven't decide if we're removing the tree or not, but it definitely needs trimming. The drainage pipe that is visible drains from the back yard gutters, so it will need to continue to drain.

We live on the edge of 8a, the city is Weatherford, TX. We are hoping to create a nice pop of color, but also plan out the plants so they do not bloom at one time. We will have dripper hose connected to this bed, so water isn't an issue. Very open to all suggestions!

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