Anyone growing Hoya Curtisii epiphyticly?

William Malone
2 months ago

I have Hoya Curtisii that I would like to grow as an epiphyte. What I was thinking of doing is to take some garden screening (the kind with 1/2" squares), and sandwiching Sphagnum moss between the layers, maybe 1/2" - 3/4" thick or so. Then planting my Hoya onto the moss. Once rooted, I should be able to hang it vertically and just spray it down occasionally.
Has anyone tried growing Curtisii as an epiphyte as opposed to letting it ramble over the soil or hanging down from a pot?
I'm bored, stuck inside due to covid, so was looking for a few minute project.

Comments (2)

  • popmama
    2 months ago

    Sure, give it a try. Report back !

    One of the youtubers I follow mounted one on a plank. Looked really pretty!

    Check this one out.

    I have one of mine growing on a tiny fairy garden arbor. But I use orchid clips to train it. I've yet to see any real epiphytic roots attach. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

  • stupidlazydog CT zone 5b/6a
    2 months ago

    This would be an fun experiment. I wonder about using one of those moss poles people grow Aroids on.