Pet-friendly vines for deck pergola

Denverish Z6A
2 months ago
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Hi! 👋 I am looking for recommendations for vines that will grow up and over our pergola to help shade our West-facing deck. The new pergola is gorgeous, but does not provide quite as much shade as we would like mid-day.

The pergola is not attached to the house, but butts right up to the roofline of our brick ranch. So while I am cool with annual maintenance, I don’t want something that is so invasive it could potentially damage the house the minute I turn my back on it.

Here are some of the traits we are seeking in vines for the pergola:

Full sun (west exposure)
Pet-friendly and kid safe
Low to medium water
Drought tolerant
Not too messy (as we eat on this deck)
Super hardy (Arvada Zone 6A, 5,500 ft.)
Won’t destroy treated wood pergola and painted deck (or nearby brick house)
Thrives in slightly alkaline, sandy loam
Bonus: Colorful foliage and/or blooms/blue-green foliage

We have a gorgeous Kintzley’s Ghost honeysuckle that has been growing along a corner of the deck railing for two seasons, but I don’t think it will get big enough to provide shade for the pergola, will it?

We can also plant one type of vine in a part-sun area that is protected, on the NE corner of the deck, between the deck and brick wall of the house.

TIA for your help!

Christy 😊

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