Would You Construct a Coat Closet Here?

4 months ago

This mid-70's house was constructed with the coat closet located near the front door which is farther behind me in the photo below. We enter and exit the house using the door to/from the garage 99% of the time (shown In photo). I am considering replacing the railing with a partial wall and hope I can explain this well enough.

Im thinking the wall can include a full height coat closet that extends about 36" from the wall. I'm picturing a half wall would run from the closet to the steps and be the same depth as the closet to have space for shoes on the garage door side. I'd cap it with a slab of stained maple. The railing on the right would be replaced by a standard depth half wall capped with matching stained maple.

The depth of a closet-wall would encroach on the living room which is currently 13' at that side of the room.

Would you do it? If so, would you make the closet deep enough for hangers or hooks? How would you use the space on the living room side under the "closet"?

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