How to make a small awkward bedroom work?

Sara A
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I have moved into my mom’s house for the next year or so after almost a decade of living on my own, most of my stuff in a storage unit, and am struggling with the bedroom. It’s up in the eaves of a 1.5 story house, with slanted ceilings on both ends and a super awkward closet and a door that makes furniture placement a nightmare.I would LOVE any tips on lower-budget ways to make the storage in the space work better. Have a budget for some furniture and decor changes, but not the reno that would make it functional.My challenges/As is-Closet is very deep, has lots of blind corners and not much functional space. The door doesn’t open if i have anything under the window/at the foot of the bed), stuff gets lost in the corners. With winter coming, I am going to want to have my sweaters, shirts, pants, etc accessible (currently in storage). I had two PAX units in my last place, prefer hanging storage for almost everything, hate using this closet. Hate the dresser, too, spoiled by my Pax drawers. Closet is full of my camping gear mostly.The ceilings are too low for even the short PAX units to be assembled (or brought from my storage unit).Giant vintage chest in the corner is full of my mom’s linens – no other space in the house where it “fits”.Room is recently repainted from “icky yellow beige” to bland “white with blue-purple-grey tint”, and I put up a tension rod curtain to hide the chest.Door hits the bed when it opens and can’t fully open.Ideally – I’d tear out the closet, flip it to the other side, full wall, sliding doors, and have a functional bedroom. But though i have some money i can use for decor/furniture a 3k+ reno isn’t in my budget right now, nor do i have the time for one.My style – generally pretty traditional and cozy/moody, but with some fun pops of colourIdeas:Replace queen bed (door won’t open fully with the bed!) with my double from storage which has an IKEA sagstua frame and grab my own bedding which is nicer.Replace bedside table with my own – vintage MCM ish, i painted it bright teal and put brass pulls on it.Narrow shelf beside bed/above bed on the wall, so I can have a bedside lamp /place for glasses/phone.Art moves from the floor to the walls!Put a clothes rod… somewhere????I really appreciate any suggestions - I haven't a clue how to make this room work.Unfortunately can only seem to attach one photo, but took this standing in front of the closed door, beside the bed looking at the problem area. The other wall is a mirror image of the slant,but with no closet and a bed and nightand crammed in.

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