Pinching/Pruning Recommendations for Fiddle Leaf Fig

Victoria Bagden
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

My fiddle leaf fig is in need of some radical pinching, but I'm nervous to make the wrong cuts! I've had him for exactly 2 years (about 5ft high when purchased) and, while I've trimmed him back over time in order to avoid hitting my apartment's 8ft ceiling, I've not been strategic with my cuts -- thus resulting in a very lopsided shape. (At first, the wishbone-like Y-shape was charming but now he looks like a demogorgon!) I have south-facing sun and am located in the northeast corridor of the US so, with fall upon us, I realize my window of opportunity to make radical cuts is quickly closing (if not already closed).

My goals are to (a) immediately correct the parallel-growing branch and to (b) promote growth and have a long-term branching strategy, so that he will eventually grow into a densely-branched tree shape. I've read responses from @tapla and would love your expertise! Below are labeled photos and I can answer any questions/provide additional information as well. Thank you, Houzz community!

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