In ground figs, zone 7, I'm underwhelmed

last month

I'm interested in the common fig but I have more questions than answers. Recently I visited Charlottesville VA. Here are pix of a fig growing there.

That huge shrub had lots of small, green fruit but very little ripe fruit.

Below is 'Chicago Hardy' growing just west of Charlottesville.

It had lots of small, green fruit on it.

Here are my questions:

1. Are these shrubs representative of in ground figs in zone 7?

2. When is the peak month for ripe fruit?

3. Should I routinely expect my fig plants to freeze to the ground in zone 7? It seems to me if this is the case there are some serious consequences. For instance, fruit borne on current season growth matures later in the season than previous season growth right?

4. We're gonna get frost next month, I'm guessing that those small, green fruits will not ripen, right?

5. I heard the term SWD mentioned, what exactly is that?

From about 50 in ground shrubs the above ripe fruit was collected. There is still LOTS of small, green fruit which I'm guessing will never ripen for us, is that right?

6. When harvesting, is it important to keep the stem intact with the fruit? If so, why?

Just wanted to finish by saying I am not interested in growing figs in containers.

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