Microwave placement in upper or base cabinet?

26 days ago

We are in the early stages of planning a new kitchen in a home we recently purchased. I am not a fan of over the range microwaves, particularly in this case because the kitchen is open to the family room and I don’t want a microwave to be a focal point. I also cook a lot so maximizing counter space (therefore do not like idea of microwave on counter top) is high on my priority list. Therefore it seems I’m left with putting the microwave in a cabinet. We are starting from scratch so I can put it in an upper or a base cabinet. What are pros and cons to each, and what would you recommend and why?

Other info:

  • I would happily welcome feedback on other aspects of our planned layout, but we are not at the stage yet where I have a layout to show you!
  • As a disclaimer, I know people often recommend living in a space for several months before a large project like a kitchen Reno, but for a variety of reasons we have decided we will be undertaking the project right away.
  • the kitchen is a little over 8x16 ft with an 8x8 breakfast nook.

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