Ordering kitchens from Ikea has been an absolute nightmare

Peter (6b SE NY)
19 days ago

Just a partial list of issues I've had:
- They can only schedule a delivery for items in stock, several weeks waiting time. There is no backorder. I could only order most of my order for delivery as it was not all in stock (at the delivery warehouse), and still had to wait several weeks.
- Stores are poorly stocked. I had to go to several stores to get the rest. One piece was not available anywhere for over a month, had to compromise on a different size pantry.
- Click and collect (online order for store pickup) rarely is working despite COVID, and you basically go into the store just to do the same process.
- Click and collect had technical issues when I used it, I was double charges and never got a confirmation email like I was supposed to. I was unable to resolve the double charge via phone despite making the charge online, they told me I had to go to the store.
- When the delivery came, they did not include the cabinet feet. I did demo and put together cabinets to discover I had no feet. They were moved out of the order because they decided didn't have them. No one told me. I had to go to a store and get a different color. Their stores and delivery warehouses have entirely different inventory stores.
- One of the cabinet fronts was mislabeled. Wrong front. Had to go back to Ikea again.
- I am now waiting on an extremely slow moving line for returns to return a lot of junk the kitchen planner said I needed but I didn't, as well as someone else's parts they delivered by accident. I bet he was super thrilled.
- The island mounting kit includes a 3.5 inch deep piece of wood that is supposed to be screwed to the bottom of a cabinet 4.5 inches off the ground. Nope.
- Several other bizarre design decisions and terrible instructions with pictures only no text whatsoever.
Can't complain about the price and the quality is ok for what it is but man this has sucked so bad. I can understand they have stocking issues but the inability to place a coherent order with a backorder and lack of communication has been awful. I never want to deal with them again.

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