Please, I need Lacanosa Hoya help.

I have been struggling to keep all of mine healthy for years and I finally decided to ask for help.

I have a watering issue. I have them growing in a very good soil mix and growing outside they are thriving, but once I get them inside, how much light should they get and are they fussy on watering needs?

Do they like to be constantly moist, to dry out, or dry beyond dry out?

The leaves always seem to turn yellow and I loose many leaves, or they get soft, the leaves will fall off and all I will have are bare vines by the end of winter.

Also, do they have high light needs come winter?

Please help me to not have to go through this again.

Right now they are still outside since day temps are nice and warm in a sunnier location. I bring them in at night when temps drop below the mid fifties. But once I bring them in for good I want to be prepared.

Thanks in advance))


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