Bathroom Tile Dilemma

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14 days ago

Hello! I have been meaning to get my bathroom updated from almost a year now and finally I have decided to do it this year. I need some help in understanding the current trends in the bathroom space! We are going with classic white theme. We are going to be installing tiles on the wall about the same height where pink tiles. If you can help me guide on current trends below would be great. Oh yeah this is our guest bathroom, aka main bathroom on the floor so this would be the main selling point down the line if we wish to sell the house.

  • We are confused whether the tiles on the wall are should be same as shower area ? Should we go with same tile in different sizes or should it be completely different tile in shower and rest of the bathroom.
  • I am thinking 12x24 tiles on the shower area, is, is that recommended or should I go with something smaller ?
  • should the tiles on the wall or the shower area match with the floor tiles ?
  • we are thinking floating vanity as this is not a very big bathroom so I guess I am trying to understand is floating vanity still a thing ?
  • current vanity was custom made for this bathroom, it's 57 inches, we are thinking to get 60" inch but that will leave just about 30 inch of gap between vanity and tub. Will that feel too crowded with the toilet in the middle ?
  • how crowded does it really look if I were to go with 2 sinks on 54 inch or 60 inch vanity.

I have added the picturew for your visual reference. Thanks again :)

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