faux fireplace 'built ins'

Allie Ross
last month

I am trying to decide what exactly to put around my fireplace to give some dimension and height variation. The plan is going to be to most likely lightly coat the brick with black paint so you can still see the mortar and some of the brick shine through, and replace the mantle with a white oak one to match our floors and kitchen/wet bar open shelving. I don't want to spend the money on true built ins, but love the overall look, so was debating either adding floating shelves on either side that would also match the kitchen/wet bar shelving, or adding some almost to the ceiling ikea glass curio cabinets (either keeping the white or painting to match kitchen and wet bar cabinets.) I think the open shelving would be cleaner since it is a small room with a low ceiling, but can you have too many open shelves? Most of the uppers in the kitchen will be open shelves, and there will be some on the wet bar that is in the same room as the fireplace (the kitchen leads into the fireplace room.) Kitchen pic to show cabinet color and new flooring

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