Peace Lily Problems

Allison Papin
29 days ago

I recently received a large peace lily. When I got it the plant was full, beautiful, and perky as shown above. After a month it is now very droopy and sad looking. I only watered it when it begins to droop a little and normally it would go right back to normal (maybe once or twice a week). I make sure the water is filtered and has sat out for at least 24 hours so that it is room temperature. The plant originally came in a plastic container with multiple drainage holes on the bottom. Now I have moved it to a larger pot with one big drainage hole on the bottom. The plant stays in the bathroom with an East facing window but does not sit in the sunlight. When I moved the plant I made sure to break up some of the roots that were entangling the plant. When the first leaves turned yellow I made sure to trim them off. Any advice would be helpful since I don't want this plant to die! Thank you for your help :)

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