Spider mite question

last month

I have a scindapsus pictus exotica that I bought from a nursery about a month ago. it had a TON of new growth coming out. In fact, it appeared as though it was putting out new growth so quickly that the leaves couldnt unfurl in time and the newest growth was getting caught in the leaves that hadn’t unfurled... then some of the newest leaves began to die off... I just recently found spider mites on my ficus ruby and Before I found the mites the new growth on that plant was dying off. I guess I’m wondering if new growth dying off is a telltale sign that the plant has spider mites or could there be other problems? I can’t find any webbing or spider mite signs on the exotica and the ruby has since been isolated to the basement... the last thing I want is for my entire collection to be destroyed. I apply neem oil to my plants almost weekly but I don’t know if there is something else I should be doing in case they are infested... I dont have very good pictures of the exotica problem because I went through and cut everything back and THEN decided to inquire on here... I also have an adansonii that has some tiny holes in a few of the leaves but I haven’t been able to find any webbing or pests on that one either!

sorry this is so long winded! Thanks for any help you have!


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