Guarianthe bowringiana

I purchased this fantastic plant to have flowers in my otherwise "gap month" of November, but it has already burst into bloom. We'll see how long into November it lasts! BTW, I got the plant from Orchids by Hausermann; I paid a few dollars extra for a six-inch pot, and received an 8" pot with a large bunch of healthy pbs and 3 sheaths.

Despite its size, it fits right onto my bright-light bench.

What a treat while "sheltering at home"!

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  • jane__ny
    9 months ago

    One of my favorites. I have one in bloom now, much bigger than yours and it is full of blooms. I've had mine for years. Easy orchid to grow and enjoy.


    miniplants Central KY 6a windowsill-grower thanked jane__ny
  • bea (zone 9a -Jax area)
    6 months ago

    Jane it’s one of my favorites too!