Save or remove hardwood flooring?

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Our living room in our 1970's ranch is 2 1/4 in. red oak. It's not in great shape, but it's never been refinished. (It's been mostly covered with a rug.) It opens up to the dining room/kitchen/hallway. We want to remove the vinyl in the other areas to make it all the same. We were going with glued down engineered hardwood but we didn't realize that would involve tearing out all the vinyl and red oak. (We were hoping to eliminate the mess and inconvenience of refinishing/matching, and the guy who measured said they could just install the flooring on top.) Now we're wondering if we should just refinish the red oak and install/match the rest of the flooring. Any insight? I HATE to ruin original floors for an inferior product, but I'm not sure I want solid hardwood in my kitchen. And I love the wider plank look. Is it more or less expensive to refinish and then match other rooms to the original flooring? How important is saving original floors? We're so confused.

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