Wall color ok?

Missi (4b IA)
6 months ago

I was going to post this in the DIY thread but I can’t find it.

Do the walls and counters clash? There’s gray and brown in the counters, and when I had it all laid out in samples it looked nice..now the bigness looks not so good.

Maybe when the floors are in, pulls are on, everything is actually done it will be better bc it’s still sort of in limbo-land? Or is it far enough along that it’s like ooooooyeah this is chewing tinfoil hurts to look at and needs to be changed? The lighting?

The pictures don’t look to me like it does IRL even. The bottom picture is the pantry, showing the floors that will eventually be in the kitchen. Wall color is the same in both rooms, just the lighting is completely different. (I question the clashing in there as well too)

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