Mission Closet Cleanup Complete!

last month

I'm sure the pictures don't tell the full story, but I have poured hours into sorting out, clearing out, and reorganizing this space (as mentioned in my other closet thread), and I just wanted to share that I am finally finished. Hooray! My little car is loaded to the gills with boxes and bags of perfectly good clothing that either no longer fits my body or my lifestyle, and it'll all go to the thrift store that our church helps support tomorrow. I sold two items from my closet on Mercari -- a Jere Lehtinen hockey jersey signed by the 2003 Dallas Stars team (never gonna wear that again), and the lovely Columbia 3-in-1 jacket that kept me warm in Iceland last year but is now two sizes too big. I felt good about recouping at least a few pennies in this process.
This little room is filled with childhood mementos, family photos, and all the vestiges of who I am today. I like just coming in here and sitting now, which seems weird, since it's by no means a fancy place. But it's me, it was a labor of love, and I'm glad to now be able to enjoy its use.
Thanks for going with me on this little journey!

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