Living Space Layout Help

2 months ago

Hi there! My partner and I just had an offer accepted on our first home and we are thrilled. We are starting to lay out our furniture and was hoping to get folks' thoughts on our living room space as we're running into some issues.

Below are the images of our living room, the first image is a view from the back near the kitchen and the second image is the view from the front door. I know our fireplace is supposed to be the focal point of the living space and ideally we would have two regular couches set up near the fireplace with no TV, but we currently have a 65" TV that we want in this space, along with an L sectional couch. Our TV on top of the console table is quite tall at 58".

Our thoughts were below:

1) Fit our TV console table right of the fireplace (my partner does not want the TV in the left corner because of our sectional couch) and have the sectional portion of our couch start around the fireplace. Then put our dining room table to the left of the fireplace so it's the first thing you see when you walk in. In the actual "dining room" space at the back, put a cafe-style taller table similar to this. My partner prefers this option but I am worried about the flow with dining room table at the front of the house, and the console would also be blocking a vent.

2) Put our TV console table against the front of the house where the larger windows are. L sectional would open towards the fireplace to the right of the couch. Dining room table will go where the "dining room" space should be. This would cause our TV to block most of the nicest set of windows we have in our living room space and the majority of light.

Would love to hear of any other suggestions for layout with our current furniture as we're running out of ideas! Thank you all so much!

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