Washcloth puppets

Rose Pekelnicky
10 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

I made some washcloth puppets for my grandchildren. For Easter I always send them a card with cash and a little something, since they are too young to really know what cash is.

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  • beesneeds
    10 days ago

    Super cute.

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  • sal 60 Hanzlik
    10 days ago

    so cute!!

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  • HU-681687602
    10 days ago


    Those are really cute, Rose! I'm sure your grandkids will love them.

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  • hallngarden
    10 days ago

    What a great idea. Know the grands have fun with washcloth puppets.

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  • smiling
    10 days ago

    Nice! You're an excellent seamstress/sewist. Unless people sew, they won't know how difficult it is to get that beautiful, even, clean embroidery on terry cloth! Fabulous work.

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  • adellabedella_usa
    10 days ago

    You're grandkids are lucky!

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  • shadylady2u
    9 days ago

    Wow! They are so cute!

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  • Lars
    9 days ago
    last modified: 9 days ago

    Very cute! I should make something like that for myself. I might leave the faces off for myself, however, as I realize how difficult that is do apply on terrycloth.

    Your grandkids may never learn what cash really is. I don't think they use it in China anymore, and it is definitely not sanitary, unless it has been freshly laundered.

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  • blubird
    9 days ago

    Very sweet.

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  • ci_lantro
    9 days ago

    Adorable. Nice work, too.

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  • wednesday morning
    8 days ago

    Nice job on the appliqué. Did you first fuse it on? Very cute and it looks like it was probably fun to make.

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  • nancyjane_gardener

    I saw these on pintrist and am going to make some for my 5 Month old grandbabies!