Help with Color Paint for walls

12 days ago
last modified: 12 days ago

Hello, hoping for a bit of advice. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to match the wall color's i have in my apartment bedroom. Something currently feels off (besides the accent wall which i'm not crazy about - planning to potentially redo this in Amherst Grey by Benjamin Moore, which seems to be a more neutral color for the accent wall and also a bit warmer type feeling OR making it the same as the other walls and scratching the whole accent wall idea. (Totally open to other colors or ideas as well) The wall the bed is against will also have art it's just not up at the moment.

The grey color I have on the walls in the room on the left, at the windows, and where i'm standing feels off and I can't figure out what to change (the color is stonington grey by Benjamin Moore). Should it be a warmer grey or more off white to match the carpet? It does feel a bit cool in the mornings when there's not much light (here it is in the afternoon where it does feel a tad warmer). Going for a kind of minimalist clean feel and trying to match to the carpet and furniture appropriately while keeping the room nice and bright.

Any advice you could give me on paint suggestions would be really appreciated, I'm definitely a novice to design. It's also an older apartment so a bit of a struggle trying to get things to look "cleaner" overall. There's also a grey chair going in the corner over by the window that's not in the picture. Thanks!

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