Getting remodel decision fatigue...quartz thickness and edges

last month

I am getting to the finish line, but each selection then branches off into more decisions...I'm getting tired. Picked out Calcutta Gold Silestone Quartz. Before I start with quotes, I want to make sure that I am comparing the same thing and getting quotes for the correct thing. I was thinking of doing the island, which is roughly 36x84, thicker and the perimeter whatever is standard. I also am unsure of edging. I don't want anything formal.

  • What is considered standard thickness
  • What thickness is recommended when you want thicker island
  • What edging is used for classic look. I am going for modern farmhouse or casual coastal sort of look?
  • Is there anything I should know or request as far as seams?
  • Anything that I should ask or watch for as far as which installer to use? All of NJ gets their slabs from same place.

Big purchase and I want to be educated and not mess anything up or live in the woulda, coulda, shoulda place...I hate it there!

As always, appreciate everyone's expertise and input.

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